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EndNote X9

Getting Started

Currently NSU is offering version X9 for free licensed download. You must update it to the most current version on both PCs and Macs. It is not advised to install previous versions.  You can also sign up for the free EndNote Online version, which can be synced with a desktop library or used on its own. (If you have a Chromebook -- the desktop software cannot be installed on Chromebooks -- but you can use the basic online version.)


EndNote is a great resource for storing, organizing, and formatting your references. But before you start to use EndNote, you will need to follow all of the steps in this section for setting up and customizing the software, so it works correctly with the library databases and the citation styles that you need.

  1. Step 1: Checking Compatibility

  2. Step 2: Downloading EndNote: Windows  or Downloading EndNote: Mac (uninstall any previous versions of EndNote before installing another version; back up or save your library to an external hard drive)

  3. Step 3: Creating a New Library

  4. Step 4: Choosing Citation Styles

  5. Step 5: Selecting Import Filters

  6. Step 6: Setting Up Full-Text


If you have a Mac computer, please read:

From NSU you'll download EndNote X9 version X9.3.1 which is compatible with the newest Mac operating system, Catalina.

If you don't have Catalina yet, and EndNote is already on your computer, update your EndNote software before updating your computer. Backup any existing EndNote libraries via an external hard drive as a precaution. Also sync to your EndNote Online account.

If you have an earlier version of EndNote already on your computer, updates cannot be installed on a Mac with the Catalina operating system and the software will become disabled if you try to use it. You will still be able to access your EndNote Online account.

If you have already updated your Mac computer to Catalina but have not updated EndNote, you can uninstall the software and download the new version from NSU.


Please contact your NSU library for help.

If you have an existing EndNote Library: Before upgrading your computer, make sure you back up your EndNote Library on a compatible external hard drive, and sync your desktop library to the online library. If you don't have the EndNote Online account yet, create an account, connect to the library on your computer, and run the sync function. Do not save the EndNote Library in the iCloud!