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New York Times Newspaper Mobile Access: Home

This guide list the steps NSU students, faculty, and staff follow to gain access to the New York Times on their device.

New York Times Newspaper

To have access to the New York Times on your mobile device you will need to create an account via the New York Times link below:

And then download the New York Times app:

Step 1.

1. Click on the New York Times database link which will take you to the library’s login page (“quad screen”) and sign in with your Shark ID and password:

Step 2.

2. You should now be in The New York Times (Online) Welcome page where you will be prompted to Create an Account:

Step 3.

3. This is how the form to create your individual account with NYTimes should look:

Step 4.

4. Now you should get an expiration date for your Pass:

Step 5.

5. Download the NYTimes App into your device:

Step 6.

6. Open it, then go to the “hamburger” menu on the top left:

Step 7.

7. Go to the gear icon:

Step 8.

8. Click on Log In:

Step 9.

9. Log in using the individual account you created on step 3:

Step 10.

10. Now you will have a note reading “All Digital Access” under the email associated to your account and the possibility to download all the sections for offline viewing. Click on Done:

How do you know it worked?

Without this personal account set up through our library subscription, you would be limited to only seven free articles per month! 

Now all NSU students, faculty and staff have unlimited access.