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Speech-Language Pathology Library Guide

Peer Reviewed Journals

venn diagram of scholarly and peer review



  • Not every scholarly journal undergoes the peer review process (also called referred).
  • Do not assume that your article has been published in a peer reviewed journal. Always check!




How to verify if a journal is peer reviewed (and therefore the articles in it)

2 methods

  • Some databases, such as CINAHL, allow you to limit your search to only peer reviewed journals. Make sure you select that option, before you begin your search!
  • If you are using a database that does not provide this option, use Ulrichsweb.

Go to Ulrichsweb

  1. Type in the Journal name (not the article title)

  2. Look for the black icon to the left of the journal name. If there is not an icon, the journal is not peer reviewed.


Note: If a journal is available in multiple formats, print, electronic, etc., there will be several entries listed in UlrichsWeb.