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What Information Do I Need?

What information do you need to write a citation?

Authors, Article Title, Year Published, Journal Title, Volume and Issue Number, DOI or permalink

Same Information, Different Formats

In the screengrab of the article below, we can see all the bibliographic information that we need to cite this article. Remember-- different citation styles have different formats, but serve the same purpose: giving credit where credit is due, transparently connecting the author's work to their sources, and participating in the academic conversation.

APA 7th Edition citation:

Evans, C., Mekhail, V., Kaminski, J., Peacock, C., Tartar, J., Santana, J.C., & Antonio, J. (2021). The effects of
an energy drink on measures of cognition and physical performance. Journal of Exercise Physiology Online, 24(3), 75-81.

MLA 8th Edition Citation:

Evans, Cassandra, et al. "The Effects of an Energy Drink on Measures of Cognition and Physical Performance." The Journal of Exercise Physiology Online, vol. 24, no. 3, 2021, pp.75-81.

Chicago Manual of Style Citation

Evans, Cassandra, Veronica Mekhail, Jackie Kaminski, Corey Peacock, Jaime Tartar, Juan Carlos Santana, and Jose Antonio. 2021. "The Effects of an Energy Drink on Measures of Cognition and Physical Performance." Journal of Exercise Physiology Online 24, no. 3: 75-81.