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EndNote 20

Step 2: Downloading EndNote: Windows

Windows Installation:

  1. Close all Microsoft applications on your computer!
  2. Click here to download EndNote (if using a NSU computer you can also download from the NSU App Store)
  3. Click on EndNote 20 for Windows 
  4. Log in with your NSU user name and password
  5. Save the zip file (preferably on your desktop)
  6. Go to your desktop and right click on the EndNote zip file undefined, Click on Extract All (or unzip). If you do not have an "extract all” or “unzip” option, try double clicking the zip file (the contents of the zip file will be in the right pane and click on the "extract all files" button on the top left of the window)  
    • ​​​Note: If you run the installer directly from the .zip file (without extracting the contents) it will not install properly. You will be asked for a product key. Start over if that happens.
  7. Save where you want the extracted file to be located (preferably the desktop) and click Extract.
  8. Double click to open the new, unzipped EN20Inst file.
  9. Open up the newly extracted file and Click Next to start the download process.
  10. Click on Next in the "Read Me Information"
  11. Accept the license agreement (click Next to continue)
  12. Select Installation Type: CUSTOM (this will install necessary files to your computer) 
  13. Click Next to proceed
  14. Click on the red X next to Additional Connections, and change the features to, "Entire feature will be installed on local hard drive" 

  15. PLEASE NOTE:  If your installation stalls, close out the EndNote installer, restart your computer, and reopen/run the installer.  Click on "Override Old Data" if prompted, and this time, unclick the box next to "Install Direct Export Helper" before proceeding with the installation.  You can also unclick the box next to "Install Direct Export Helper" at the previous screen during the initial installation in order to avoid any issues. 
  16. Click Next to complete the installation process
  17. Click Next to begin the installation
  18. Update the software to the most current version available