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EndNote 20

Creating an Independent Bibliography

There may be times when you just want to create an independent bibliography without in-text citations (e.g., a reading list, key articles on a topic, list of articles written by a particular author).

Steps  (For visual instructions, click Here)

1) Go to your EndNote library

2) Highlight the references you wish to include in your bibliography (or on the EndNote toolbar, go to the Edit > Select All)

3) From the style drop-down menu in the top left, choose the output style you want to use for your bibliography

4) Go to the Edit menu again and choose Copy Formatted

5) Open a Word document and paste (or Ctrl + V) the references into a Word document

TIP: Make sure you selected your desired Output Style in the menu bar before copying the formatted style to ensure your references are formatted in the desired citation style! 

Once you have your references highlighted, and copied using “Copy Formatted”, Open a Word document and paste (or Ctrl + V) the references into a Word document