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EndNote 20

Manually Adding a Reference

References such as a website or book can be manually added into EndNote Online.

To add a new reference:

  1. Click on the Collect tab
  2. Click on New Reference
  3. Choose the appropriate Reference Type using the drop down menu
  4. Fill in the required fields for your citation style
  5. Optional: Add the reference to a group by clicking on the arrow beside Groups (bottom of the page)
  6. Your reference will be saved automatically

Exporting References Directly from the Databases

Searching within a database and exporting references to EndNote (Direct Export)

Install Plug-In

For most of the databases (Exceptions: EBSCO and Web of Science), you must install and use the EndNote Online Plug-in (recommended) or the Capture Reference Tool 

  1. Under the Downloads tab, click on Download Installers or the Capture Reference Tool
  2. Select the Plug-In (Firefox or Internet Explorer) and/or the Capture Reference Tool and follow the instructions

Exporting References

Each database is slightly different in exporting references to EndNote. 

Follow these general directions or click on specific instructions below

  1. Search a database
  2. Mark the records you want to save usually by checking a Box or adding to a Folder 
  3. Select the database's direct export option by clicking on Export, Export to Reference Manager, Direct Export, Send To, or Output 
  4. Check the new references in EndNote for accuracy. Edit any incorrect information

Note: Most of these instructions are for all the databases by a publisher, not a specific database. For example, EBSCO includes the databases Art Full Text, CINAHL, Historical Abstracts, etc.

Database Name PDF Instructions Video Instructions
EBSCO Databases
Gale Databases
Ovid Databases
Proquest Databases
Web of Science

Editing References

Always check your references!!

If the information in the database is incorrect (or missing), it will be wrong in EndNote. (and later in your bibliography)

  1. Click on the reference title
  2. Click on the field you want to edit
  3. Type the changes/additions in the field
  4. Once you click or tab outside of the field box, the changes are automatically saved.

For field formatting tips, go to the Manually Adding a Reference page