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EndNote 20

Adding Groups

EndNote Online uses custom groups to organize your references.

Note: (Unlike EndNote Desktop, EndNote Online does not support group sets or smart groups, so the custom groups will display alphabetically)

To create a group:

  1. Click on the Organize tab
  2. Click on Manage my Groups
  3. Click on New Group (bottom of the screen)
  4. Enter a new group name and click OK
  5. The new group will now display in My Groups under the My References tab

To add references to a group

  1. Click on My References tab and select your references (checkmark box)
  2. Click on the Add to group drop-down menu and choose your group
  3. OR click on a specific record title and click on the arrow beside Groups (bottom of the screen)

Sharing Groups

In EndNote Online you can share your reference groups with other EndNote Online users.

To share a group:

  1. Click on the Organize tab
  2. Click on Manage My Groups
  3. Click the box next to the Group you want to share
  4. Click on Manage Sharing
  5. Click on Start sharing this group
  6. Enter the email addresses of the EndNote Online users that you want to share your group with
  7. Select Read only or Read & Write (allow others to edit and add references to the group)
  8. Click on Apply

Shared groups will appear in Groups Shared by Others (My References tab)