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EndNote 20

Working in Word

EndNote Online provides most of the same Cite While You Write (inserting citations into Word) features as the EndNote Desktop version when the plug-in is downloaded. 


EndNote Online does not support journal name substitutions--full journal name to abbreviated journal name and vice versa.

If you need this feature, you must manually correct the journal name in the reference (or use the EndNote Desktop version).

  1. Click on the My References tab
  2. Click on the desired Record
  3. Click on the Journal Field 
  4. Type in the corrections

Download the Cite While You Write Plug-In

  1. Click on Options
  2. Click on Download Installers
  3. Select the Cite While you Write Plug-In (Windows or Mac)
  4. Follow the download instructions

Inserting References

  • The plug-in adds a toolbar to Word similar to the EndNote Desktop version. 
  • Use this toolbar to insert and edit your citations and the bibliography.
  • For specific instructions on using the toolbar, go to Adding Citations in Word and Editing Citations in Word

Macintosh Cite While You Write Toolbar
WIndows Cite While You Write Toolbar

Creating an Independent Bibliography

  1. Click on the Format tab
  2. Click on Bibliography
  3. From the References drop-down menu, select the desired group
  4. From the Bibliographic Style drop-down menu, select a citation style
  5. From the File Format drop-down menu, select a format (RTF for Word documents)
  6. Select Save, Email or Print