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Introduction to the Martin and Gail Press Health Professions Division Library: Faculty

About the Martin and Gail Press Health Professions Division Library: hours, library services for students, faculty, alumni and visitors

Your Library Liaisons

What we can do for you

Classroom image   

1. Library instruction at point of need customized to your students' needs

2. Course-specific HPD Library tutorials and LibGuides

3. Literature Searches

4. Faculty papers research assistance 

5. Curriculum development support

6. New Faculty Orientation

7. Endnote Instruction

8. Tenure committee assistance re: publications

9. Educational technology

10. Library links for Blackboard

Clinical Faculty and Preceptors

Library Resources and Services

In appreciation for your service as a preceptor or clinical faculty, the Health Professions Division Library of Nova Southeastern University provides you complimentary access to all of the print and online materials of the HPD Library. 

Resources include electronic full-text journals and clinical texts and access to our print collection as well as databases such as MEDLINE, CINAHL, PsycInfo, MD Consult, Up to Date, DynaMed and the Cochrane EBM databases.

Services include liaison librarian services including library instruction, orientation for new faculty and research assistance.

The offices responsible for authorizing the library access for Clinical faculty are:

  • Medical/COM: 954-262-1772
  • PA:  Kenny McCallum 954-262-1289

Access Problems

If you're having trouble accessing any of the Library's online resources, please

First, ask yourself if you are behind a firewall at your location.  Many health care institutions have firewalls that prevent access to our resources.  If you are behind a firewall you need to access our resources from another place, such as home or maybe Starbucks.

Second, your browser needs to enable cookies in order to access our databases.

To enable cookies in Internet Explorer:

  • Go to Tools>Select Internet Options
  • Go to the Security tab and set your security on Medium or lower
  • High security will not accept cookies

To enable cookies in Mozilla Firefox:

  • Go to Tools>Select Options
  • Go to Privacy tab, set to Accept cookies from sites AND Accept third-party cookies

  I have a Citation+Abstract, how do I find the full-text?

Do not use journal abbreviations such as Arch Ophal; use the full name.

1. Find HPD Library eJournal subscriptions:

  • Look up the Full Journal Title in the eJournal Finder
  • Use your citation to find your article's:

         ---Date (Nov 2008)

         ---Volume and Issue Number ( 58(3) )

         ---Page Number and Article title to find PDF

If the results are "0," go to step 2

2. Find a print copy on HPD Library shelves:

  • Look for the Full Journal Title in the Library Catalog
  • Check dates "Library has" such as 1996-2009

If the results are "No matches found," go to step 3

3. Order the article using Interlibrary Loan

If you are using a library database, use the FIND IT button to follow the same steps.

Copyright Clearance

Obtain copyright clearance for books and articles
Contact Copyright Clearance Services through the Office of Information Technology.
For a full explanation of copyright academic permissions go to the Copyright Clearance Incorporated website at

Know your Copyrights from the Association of Research Libraries

TEACH Act flowchart from Duke University

Brief guide to the TEACH Act from the Copyright Clearance Center

New exceptions to DMCA from the US Copyright Office

Syllabus Help:

Keep your assignments and textbooks up to date:

  • Email your syllabus to your liaison librarian before the semester begins
  • You will stay informed about newer editions
  • We will order Reserve Library or eBook copies for HPD Library
  • We will check articles for availability online or in print at HPD

Schedule library instruction with your Liaison Librarian!

Print Reserves

  • Limited checkout time
  • Library Use Only to allow maximize access for your students.

1. Reserve Form:

   For Texbooks: See Faculty Resources:

   For other materials: Contact your Liaison Librarian

2. Purchase request form:


Texbook        Journal image


Use e-Reserves in Blackboard:

  • Persistent links to articles or images online
  • Scans of  print articles or slides
  • HPD Library Libguides and Tutorials

See your HPD Liaison Librarian for eReserves Help.


Who Needs a Permit

All Nova Southeastern University students, faculty, staff, and outside contractors or vendors who park a vehicle on University property must obtain a University parking permit.

How to Obtain a Parking Permit

Parking permits are available at the One-Stop Shop on the 1st floor of the Terry or Horvitz Administration Buildings on main campus or you may download the printable form below and submit either by mail or fax to the One-Stop shop.

Note: The acquisition of a parking permit only authorizes the parking of a vehicle on campus. It does not establish a designated parking space. A vehicle parked in any unauthorized area is in violation of the regulations for parking at NSU.

Monday - Thursday 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m
Friday  8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon
Your new NSU parking decal must be displayed on your vehicle as of September 1, 2011, or you may receive a parking citation for an expired or missing decal. NSU requires parking decals to be placed in the left-hand corner of the rear window or the left side of the rear bumper.

Cool technology tools for teaching

See more under the MOBILE tab...

Faculty Resources


Click here for Faculty Resources

NSU Faculty Policy Manual

Wireless Access

To setup your NSU wireless access:

Simply select "1NSU" from the available networks and enter your Sharklink ID and Password


Your NSU Identity

Nova logo image

New Faculty identification:

1. NSU ID and PIN

2. NSU ID Card (used for checking out HPD Library materials).

3. NSU email address and email password

Retrieve your NSU ID:

Obtain an NSU ID Card at the Don Taft University Center Card Services Office


Your NSU Email Name & Password is used for:

  • Your SharkLink Login
  • Your WebCT Login
  • Your NSU WebMail Account
  • Security access to various NSU Web Applications

Clinical Faculty and HPD Preceptors use their Last Name and NSU ID for their Shark Link Login.

Setup Vacation Message for Email through Sharklink email options.

Contact the Help Desk for assistance at

Ordering Materials for the Library Collection

    How to Renew Materials

1. HPD Library Front Desk OR

2. Call: 954-262-3106 OR

3. Email OR

4. Renew online (choose Renew your Items):

  Hold a Book

Hotspot now available for checkout!

Going to a conference? Need reliable wifi while traveling?

Check out a wi-fi Hotspot from HPD Library!

Call the Front desk to reserve: 954-262-3106

Martin and Gail Press HPD Library Research Support

HPD Library Research Initiative: Here to help you!

Board Exams and Cases



White Coats with Larger Pockets

White coats with Pockets large enough to fit iPads:

Landau Men (long)


Labwear (long)


Landau Women (long)


Dezignable lab coats (Long and short)


Fashion seal


White Swan (short)

NSU Emergency / Hurricane Info

NSU Emergency/Hurricane Web Page:
This will provide official information regarding campus closings, event cancellations, and campus reopenings. New information
will be posted as frequently as warranted.

Should the main NSU Web site become unavailable due to a hurricane, an alternate informational NSU website at will become available.

NSU Emergency Hotline at 800-256-5065 will provide official information regarding campus closings, event cancellations, and campus reopenings.
New information will be posted as frequently as warranted.

The main telephone number for the university, (954) 262-7300, also serves as a HOTLINE during hurricane watch/warning events.

More information about safety can be found at - the NSU campus safety handbook.

PFRDG Grant Assistance