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Physical Therapy: Find the Full Text Article from a Citation

Recommended resources for physical therapy students and faculty

Instructions for finding the full text article when you have a citation

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Step 1:

Identify the journal title from the citation (not the article title)

For our example, the journal title is Respiratory Care

Step 2:

  • Go to the HPD Library homepage,
  • Click on the "search full text finder" tab
  • Type in the journal title
  • Click "search"

Step 3:

  • If we have it available electronically, you will see one or multiple options to access the journal.
  • Pay attention to the date ranges and full text delays next to each link.
  • Check your citation and click on the link that contains that year.

For our example, any of the above links would work since the article we are looking for is from 2009.

Step 4:

You will then be taken to the resource you have chosen. Every resource looks different so browsing for an article will not always be the same. Locate a search box to copy and paste the article title in.

For our example, you would copy and paste the article title: translating evidence into practice

If you are not able to locate the article then look for a list of years or volumes. Click on the appropriate one for your article. You can also look for links to the archives, back issues, or back list.

For our example, the article is from 2009 and it is in volume 54.

If the article is not available electronically through NSU or freely available online after checking in a resource like GoogleScholar, please see  "How do I request material from another library"