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Physician Assistant: APA Citation Style

Recommended resources for Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences Physician Assistant Program students and faculty

APA Style Help


 New to APA? Just need to check a rule?

Check out the APA resources listed below  





NSU APA Style Guide for Beginners

Guide to the APA citation style. Includes examples of print and electronic citations.


NSU APA Style Guide

 In-depth APA citation guide.


APA Style Guide for Electronic References

This document is adapted from the Publication Manual (6th ed.), and provides guidance for formatting electronic references in APA style.


Official APA Website

FAQ section on the APA website covers questions about references, grammar, punctuation & formatting


APA Style Blog

APA Style Blog is the official companion to the APA 6th edition. Updated weekly by APA style experts, this blog covers APA tips on references, grammar, and punctutation.