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Medical Sciences: Histology/NeuroAnatomy

Recommended resources for the College of Osteopathic Medicine

NeuroAnatomy eTextbook

Recommended for Neuroanatomy

eBook: Anatomy coloring book for health professions

Histology Textbook

Recommended for Histology

Histology Web Resources

Histology Quizzes - WebAnatomy learning module from the University of Minnesota

Atlas of Histology Images - from Chuvash University

The Second Look Series - a self-review and evaluation tool for students about to take a histology exam.  The files review the important material in a concise question style. For best use, open the file within the Power Point program and run it as a slideshow.  Also available for the iPad (but only connective tissue comes free and preloaded).

JayDoc HistoWeb - from the University of Kansas, the site has slide images of various types of cells.

Websites Related to Histology - from Southern Illinois School of Medicine, this is a fairly comprehensive list of histology Web resources, including virtual slides and pathology