Computer Science: Programming Languages

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Finding Books on CS Topics and Programming Languages

Language/Topic Subject Heading (click to search the catalog) Notes
.NET Microsoft .NET or Microsoft .NET Framework  
Adobe Photoshop Adobe Photoshop  
Ajax Ajax (Web site development technology)  see also JavaScript
Algorithms Computer Algorithms  
Android Android Electronic Resource  
Apple Development Macintosh (Computer) -- Programming  Also see iOS, OSX, Cocoa, etc.
ASP.NET Active Server Pages  
Assembly Assembly languages (Electronic computers)  
C C (Computer program language)  
C++  C++ (Computer program language)  
C# C# (Computer program language)  
Cocoa Cocoa (Application development environment)  
CSS Cascading style sheets  
Databases Relational Databases or Object-oriented databases  
F# F♯ (Computer program language) or Functional programming (Computer science)  
Fortran FAP (Computer program language)  or FORTRAN (Computer program language)  
Functional programming Functional programming (Computer science)  
Graphics Computer Graphics
-- See also the narrower term Bit-mapped graphics  
  -- See also the narrower term Color computer graphics  
  -- See also the narrower term Computer animation  
  -- See also the narrower term Computer drawing  
  -- See also the narrower term Digital video  
  -- See also the narrower term Graphics processing units  
  -- See also the narrower term GRASS (Electronic computer system)  
  -- See also the narrower term Icons (Computer graphics)  
  -- See also the narrower term Radiosity  
  -- See also the narrower term Rendering (Computer graphics)
HTML & HTML 5 HTML (Document markup language) or HTML 5  
iPhone iPhone (Smartphone) or Phone (Smartphone) -- Programming.  
Java Java (Computer program language)  
JavaScript (includes jquery, node.js, etc) JavaScript (Computer program language)  
LaTex / TeX LaTeX (Computer file) or TeX (Computer file)  
Linux Linux see also UNIX
Mac OS X Mac OS. or Macintosh (Computer) -- Programming.  
Mobile development Smartphones - programming see also by platform, eg
Symbian OS (Computer file), iPhone, Android (Electronic resource)
Objective C Objective-C (Computer program language)  
Perl Perl (Computer program language)  
PHP PHP (Computer program language)  
Python Python (Computer program language)  
R R (Computer program language)  
Ruby / Ruby on Rails Ruby (Computer program language) or Ruby on rails (Electronic resource)  
Security Computer Security, or Computer networks -- Security measures  
SQL (incld MySQL, PL/SQL, etc) SQL (Computer program language) also try specific DBMS, eg. MySQL
UNIX UNIX (Computer file)  
Visual Basic    
Web Design / Development    
Windows (all releases)    
Windows server    


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