Conflict Resolution Studies: How to...

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Ask A Librarian

There are 6 ways to contact a librarian for guidance using the library:

in person, by phone, email, text, chat, appointment

For one-on-one instruction with a librarian, consider making an appointment to discuss your research topic/assignment!  Appointments can be done in person, by phone, or online and may last up to 30 minutes.

Library Guides

Library Guides are online webpages written by librarians with tips to help you use the library efficiently.  These guides provide:

  • how-to instructions
  • video tutorials
  • resource recommendations
  • workshop/event notifications

When reviewing the information on a library guide, look for links to related library guides for more in-depth discussion on a variety of topics.

Library Learn

Library Learn is where you can find short video tutorials that demonstrate how to use a variety of library resources or how to apply research concepts.  For example, check out this Library Learn video on how to navigate the library's homepage!