RES 9300 Methods of Inquiry: "How-To" Videos

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How to Use (videos)...


- Using databases

- Search strategies

Mining for Ideas (videos)

  • Getting started (1 min.)
  • Navigating to the NSU Libraries
    - Alvin Sherman Library (1 min.)
  • Locating types of information:
    • Searching the web (4 min. 45 sec.) -- wikipedia, search techniques for Google - Advanced Search, and NSU's portal to Google Scholar, FindIt and Journal Finder
    • Books (3 min. 15 sec.) -- References resources and subject encyclopedias, books and e-books in NovaCat, Google Books, WorldCat
    • Articles (3 min.) -- trade publications, scholarly journals, research studies in ERIC, recommendations for future research, subject databases in other disciplines, serendipity, reference lists,  Journal Finder and Document Delivery
    • Subject databases (3 min.)
    • Dissertations (3 min. 45 sec.)  Mining dissertations?
    • Gray literature 

Drilling Deeper (videos)

Drilling Deeper -- How to find specific types of information for the research study

Tool -- APA Library Guide


Selecting a topic

  • Start broad and then narrow using delimitations
  • Scan article and dissertation abstracts
  • Select a topic where there is theoretical literature
  • Select a theory or model and look at the literature regardless of topic
  • Review literature on instruments and/or assessment procedures

Searching for literature and refining the topic

  • Use demographics to delimit search
  • Search for theoretical literature
  • Check "References" and "Cited by" links.
  • Search for prominent individuals and landmark studies
  • Research the historical context
  • Locate definitions
  • Locate previous literature reviews
  • Search a citation index such as Social Science Citation Index
  • Keep a search journal of search strategies, alerts and their expiration dates, and passwords for My Research accounts

How to Find (videos)....