RES 9300 Methods of Inquiry: HR Development

Resources for the HR development minor for FSE's EdD program are provided.
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Education Databases

Videos on searching in ERIC:

 - Searching (2 min. 30 sec.)
 - Subject searches (3 min.)
 - Limiting options (2 min. 15 sec.)
 - Locating tests and measures (2. min)


Business/Management Databases

Databases on Human Behavior

Tip: When looking for resources on human behavior, be sure to look for both the English and American spellings -- behavior and behavior.

Dissertation Databases

Videos on search strategies:


Databases with Tests and Measurements

Videos on strategies to locate tests and measures
- Overview (4 min.)
- Obtaining permission to use published and unpublished instruments (6 min.)
- Providing permissions to use (3 min.)
- Reviews and copies of actual instruments (4 min. 45 sec.)

Videos ondatabases for locating tests:
CINAHL (1 min. 15 sec.)
ERIC (2 min.)
- HAPI (2 min. 45 sec.)
- ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database (5 min. 15 sec.)
- PsycINFO (3 min. 30 sec.)
- Web of Science (1 min. 45 sec.)


Recent E-Books on HR Topics