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Martin and Gail Press Health Professions Division Library Faculty Resources: LWW Instructor Resources


HPD Faculty have access to Instructor Resources that accompany any of the books that we subscribe to thru LWW.  We have the library account set up on thePoint ( It should have all the titles from the Pharmacy Collection, Med Education, and Osteopathic added to the My Content section with the Instructor Resources.

(Login as a “Return User”, upper right hand corner).  If a title has instructor resources, there will be a tab labeled as such.

Contact the Library for the Instructor username and password.  It is Case Sensitive

Contact the Library for the Instructor username and password

Titles with Instructor Resources

  • Ansel's Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms and Drug Delivery Systems, Tenth Edition
  • Basic Clinical Pharmacokinetics, Fifth Edition
  • Bates' Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking, Eleventh Edition
  • Clinical Epidemiology: The Essentials, Fifth Edition
  • Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics: Concepts and Applications, Fourth Edition
  • Clinically Oriented Anatomy, Seventh Edition
  • Color Atlas and Text of Histology, Sixth Edition
  • Communication Skills in Pharmacy Practice, Sixth Edition
  • Contemporary Drug Information: An Evidence-Based Approach, First Edition
  • Essential Neuroscience, Third Edition
  • Essentials of Pathophysiology: Concepts of Altered Health States, Third Edition
  • Foye's Principles of Medicinal Chemistry, Seventh Edition
  • Grant's Atlas of Anatomy, Thirteenth Edition
  • Grant's Dissector, Fifteenth Edition
  • Histology: A Text and Atlas, Sixth Edition
  • Introduction to the Pharmaceutical Sciences: An Integrated Approach, Second Edition
  • Koda-Kimble and Young's Applied Therapeutics: The Clinical Use of Drugs, Tenth Edition
  • Langman's Medical Embryology, Twelfth Edition
  • Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews: Immunology, Second Edition
  • Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews: Microbiology, Third Edition
  • Marks' Basic Medical Biochemistry: A Clinical Approach, Fourth Edition
  • Martin's Physical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sixth Edition
  • Medical Physiology: Principles for Clinical Medicine, Fourth Edition
  • Neuroanatomy in Clinical Context: An Atlas of Structures, Sections, Systems, and Syndromes, Ninth Edition
  • Pathophysiology of Heart Disease: A Collaborative Project of Medical Students and Faculty, Fifth Edition
  • Patient Assessment in Pharmacy Practice, Second Edition
  • Patient Care Management: A Lab Workbook for Prescription Practice, Third Edition
  • Pharmaceutical Calculations, Fourteenth Edition
  • Physiology: Cases and Problems, Fourth Edition
  • A Practical Guide to Contemporary Pharmacy Practice, Third Edition
  • Principles of Pharmacology: The Pathophysiologic Basis of Drug Therapy, Third Edition
  • Pulmonary Pathophysiology: The Essentials, Eighth Edition
  • Renal Pathophysiology: The Essentials, Fourth Edition
  • Review of Organic Functional Groups: Introduction to Medicinal Organic Chemistry, Fifth Edition
  • Rubin's Pathology: Clinicopathologic Foundations of Medicine, Sixth Edition
  • Schaechter's Mechansims of Microbial Disease, Fifth Edition
  • Studying a Study & Testing a Test: Reading Evidence-Based Health Research, Sixth Edition