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Martin and Gail Press Health Professions Division Library Faculty Resources: Access Medicine Custom Curriculum

What is Custom Curriculum?

An online syllabus creation and management tool which allows instructors to synthesize different content types (textbook chapters, videos, case files, self-assessment) into a targeted set of learning assignments for their learners. Content can be pulled from all Access sites, as well as non-Access sites (e.g., journal articles, blog posts, any web-based content). Instructors also have the ability to run activity reports on their learners, including assignment completion rates and scores for any self-assessment quizzes included in the assignments.

If you are interested please go to Access Medicine via our link: Access Medicine

And create a My Access Medicine account.  In the top right corner of the header bar of the website,

click on the button that says Nova Southeastern University and you should see a drop-down menu. 

Then choose [Sign in or Create a Free MyAccess Profile].   After creating your account, request instructor privileges by sending an email to


Faculty Powerpoint about Custom Curriculum