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Martin and Gail Press Health Professions Division Library Faculty Resources: How to use NSU's Durable Linker


Copying and pasting links directly from the address bar in the library's electronic resources can be problematic.

Often these links are temporary (linked to that individual session) and won't link back to the original source.

Create a persistent/permalink for library resources, so that they will always work in Blackboard or any other place you use a URL (web address).

The following instructions will allow student access to material without violating copyright restrictions.

Instructions for creating a Permalink using the Durable Linker

For this example I will use the New England Journal of Medicine.

Using one of the NEJM links you will find on an NSU/HPD Library webpage (that will take you through our quad-screen authentication page) locate the article you like.  While you are looking at it on the screen open up another tab in your Web browser and go to the Durable Linker.

Copy the link in the address bar of your article from the NEJM page

And paste it into the Durable Linker & click [Durablize]

Your result page should look something like this.

The options under the citation are [Select Link to Copy | Test Link | Email Link] 

***I recommend ALWAYS testing the link before posting/using it.***

Then you can select the link to copy and paste where you want to use it, or click Email Link and it will automatically email you the durable link you can use.  This you can then copy/paste or forward to any NSU student/faculty/staff/affiliate.