Theatre: Finding Plays

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Finding Plays in Online Resources

In the library's electronic resources, there are several databases you can use to find plays. Some of the databases that contain plays are located below.

Finding Plays in the Library Catalog

There are several ways to look for plays using the library's catalog. For starters if you are looking for a specific play you and can try searching for the title of the play. You can do this by either using the keyword or title searches in the library catalog. You could also try searching for the author's name using the author search. (If you are looking for plays in general as a suggestion you may try looking by author for famous playwrights such as Albee, Edward or Williams, Tennessee or Miller, Arthur.)

The library also has resources that are a compilation of plays. Here are a few examples of these:

You can also search the library's catalog by subject, which can search by the type of play such as an American Drama or a One-Act Play. Here are some examples from the catalog: