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Watch Dental Student iPad in Education presentation Feb. 23, 2012

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Why take the Initiative?

  • Ability to access full color imagery, charts, x-rays, test results and charts on the spot.
  • Patients have always complained about the lengthy process of signing in, filling out registration forms and taking surveys. While forms are always necessary to fill out, the iPad allows the process to be completed and consolidated from one source.
  • The iPad can also make a doctor infinitely more effective and address the very real concerns of patients who can receive real-time audiovisual presentations –– helping to reduce medical vernacular into every day laymen's terms.
  • Select hospitals are already using the iPad for medical documentation and retrieval. Overall, physicians and medical billers are overwhelmingly enthusiastic about its potential applications
  • Impressive battery life for the iPad - up to 10 hours of use on a full charge
  • Screen size: need to zoom is limited because of the larger screen size. The larger screen size can also help physicians see more detail in medical images such as X-Rays or MRIs. Therefore, if primary applications for the device will include CPOE (computerized physician order entry), patient record keeping, or medical image viewing, then the iPad may be the ideal selection.
  • Rich user interface, native support for eReading, strong graphics (color) capabilities, ability to use various medical calculators (there are a slew of them already in the AppStore) and numerous other medical apps (most of these are iPhone apps and will need to be updated to take full advantage of the iPad’s larger 9″ screen) provides an incredibly rich ecosystem/learning environment for medical students.  Nothing else comes close – a slam-dunk for Apple.
  • Created to foster patient-clinician interaction.  At bedside, a clinician has the ability to review with a patient a given treatment, say a surgical procedure, prior to the operation showing rich anatomical details (e.g., a patient’s 64 slice color enhanced 3D CAT scan), potential risks, etc. Heck, one could even show a video clip of the procedure right there on the iPad.

10 Ways iPad can help doctors improve patient care:


The Web Print option in SharkPrint will allow you to print files in these formats:

  • doc, docx or other Microsoft Office Word files
  • ppt, pptx or other Microsoft Office PowerPoint files
  • pdf
  • xls or other Microsoft Office Excel files

If you are not using a Microsoft Office program such as Word, you will need to "save as" one of the file formats listed.

iPad Mini Review

The iPad 3: One Month Later...

Ganong's Review of Medical Physiology

Download the free chapter:

OSU iPad Pilot Program

Stanford Video Report

Pocket Anatomy demo

  Papers app on iPad

Instructions for using the Papers app on iPad:

Use authentification URL

Use proxy setting


PDF Readers

What type of PDF reader suits you? A comparison from AcademiPad -

Cloud drive apps

Free Apps or Mobile sites

Some Tools listed include both FREE and FOR PURCHASE apps. Many are cross platform (Apple, Android, Blackberry etc)

Apps for Purchase

iPad apps

Great iPad review site

Lifehacker App Directory (Chronicle of HE)

Compare QuickOffice and Documents To Go

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