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Constitutional Law: Legislative History

Constitutional law resources

Guide to State Legislative History

The Indiana University Law Library has drafted a comprehensive state-by-state guide to legislative history resources

This resource lists, by state, alphabetically, resources available.  This includes links to the state legislatures, research guides, and other academic, governmental, and commercial sources. Contact info for state archives and date ranges available are also listed.

As with any resource involving multiple states, the quality and availability of resources varies considerably by state. Florida's resources, for example, focus exclusively on guides by librarians whereas Illinois's has information by their legislature and state bar association.

If you still have questions or problems after checking this source, please come talk to me.  There are several additional steps we can take together to get more information.

Florida Law

The Florida Constitution and Florida Statutes are available to search easily at Online Sunshine.  

Federal Legislative History Research

Looking for an introduction to Federal legislative history research? Take a look at the Congressional Research Service report, Legislative history research : a basic guide.

Legislative Resources

  • This site allows you to follow legislation as it moves through Congress. You can search for members of congress, bills & resolutions, voting records, congressional committees, and the Congressional record.

Guide to the House and Senate Members of the Current Congress

  • A single guide incorporating information and pictures from several sources on members of the current Congress.

 Law Library of Congress

  • Find national and international legal resources at the Law Library of Congress.

LLSDC's Legislative Sourcebook

  • Learn how to research federal legislative history from expert law librarians in D.C.

Open CRS Network

  • "Congressional Research Reports for the People."

  • Get information about members of Congress (including voting records), congressional committees, and legislation in progress. A section called The Money Trail enable you to discover what groups made what financial contributions to what member of Congress.


  • Locate federal legislative documents: bill text, committee reports, public laws, link to the Congressional Record.

U.S. Code

  • PDF version of the U.S.C. from the U.S. government

U.S. House of Representatives

  • Find your Representative, track current House activity; locate House committees, calendars and schedules.

U.S. House of Representatives Video Feed

  • Watch live streaming video, search archives of all floor proceedings from Congress, or select from various RSS feeds to customize your listening and/or viewing experience.

U.S. Senate

  • Track current legislative activity, roll call votes, treaty status; find historical information on the U.S. Senate and links to all Senate committees.