Computer Security/Information Assurance: Determine a Scholarly Article

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Additional Guides

Need help finding specific types of resources, like empirical research articles, dissertations, conference proceedings, or government reports? Then check out these library guides too.

Finding Peer Reviewed Articles

Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, available online, allows you to search for refereed (peer reviewed) journals for a general discipline or to search for a specific periodical title and identify the characteristics of the publication. Many databases, including those from ProQuest, WilsonWeb, and Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA), allow users to limit their search to refereed journals only.

What's the difference between periodicals, magazines, and journals?

A periodical is a generic term used for popular magazines, trade or professional journals, and scholarly journals. They are materials that are published at regular intervals (monthly, quarterly, daily, etc.).

Magazines are comercial publications intended for a general audience for the purpose of informing and entertaining.





Trade journals also fall between magazines and journals, but their focus includes more product and business information.





Journals are specialized, scholarly publications written by authorities in the field. They usually include bibliographies.



Peer Review in 5 Minutes

You've probably been asked to find peer reviewed articles to use in your research.  Wondering what peer review means and why it's important to scholarship and research?  Check out the video tutorial for more information.

Scholarly vs. Popular

What's the difference between a magazine article and a scholarly journal article?  This video tutorial helps answer that question.