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Center for Interprofessional Education and Practice: Interprofessional Leadership Program

ILP Program Info

For additional information about the ILP program, please contact Kimberly Valenti at or 954-262-1650.

Apply to the ILP!

If you are a student interested in joining the ILP, please download the application below and email a completed copy to Kimberly Valenti at

What is the ILP?

The Interprofessional Leadership Program (ILP) is a new and exciting opportunity for dual-degree seeking students to enhance their educational experience at NSU.  The program is open to any student who will be supplementing their health-related professional degree with a Master of Public Health and is in good academic standing.  Along with leadership development, the program will focus on community-oriented care, cultural competency, and team-based skills.  These skills, along with the opportunity for national exposure and publication possibilities, will not only be valuable additions to a resume but will also help to set students apart when applying for residency.

The ILP program includes:

  • program-specific electives to be taken as part of the MPH
  • opportunities to participate in national conferences
  • publication possibilities

New! Concurrent PA/MPH Degree

Special Announcements

This year, 4 of our ILP students qualified to receive the Certificate in Interprofessional Leadership and completed all requirements for the Interprofessional Leadership Program.  Many thanks to all the students and faculty who participated in making our interprofessional events a success!


  • Samantha Berr
  • Brittany Gray
  • Miguel Villacorta
  • Weber Wu


CIPEP Faculty & Staff

Principal Investigator - Cecilia Rokusek

Project Manager- Kamilah Thomas-Purcell

Primary Care Education Coordinator - Stacey Pinnock

Interprofessional Curriculum Coordinator - Kristi Messer


Project Recruiter/Counselor - Kimberly Valenti


Administrative Project Coordinator - Shadana James