The Research Process: Find Articles

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Intro to Finding Articles


What is a database?

A database is a collection of information arranged into individual records to be searched by computer.

  • Use them to find academic journal articles, newspaper articles, magazine articles etc.

What does that mean?

A database is a collection of information that has been published electronically by a credible source / publishing company.   The content within the database has been reviewed by professionals (experts, educators, librarians, etc.) for accuracy.

  • When your professor asks you to find scholarly or peer reviewed journal articles, check out our 300 databases divided by subjects.

Why use a database?

You are already paying for this information, use it! Plus, databases take SOME of the guess work out of determining if the information is credible. These resources are no "WIKIPEDIA stuff".

  • When you need the most up-to-date information available
  • When the actual library building is closed because the databases are available 24/7

Below are a few selected databases that students find useful:

Other Helpful Guides