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Oceanographic Campus Library Faculty Resources: FAQs

  How to Renew Materials

1. OC Library in person OR

2. Call: 954-262-3643 or 3681 OR

3. Email OR

4. Renew online (choose Renew your Items):

  Interlibrary Loan

  • FREE

  • Plan ahead to order articles in case they are difficult to find

  • Most interlibrary loan orders are filled in 2-3 days

  • Some orders are filled even faster

  • You will be notified when your article is ready by your Nova Email

  • Order an article

  Hold a Book

Embargo Definition

Embargo = full text to journal articles are not available for the specified time period

An embargo on full text is set by the journal publisher and allows them to try to sell more print copies before making the full text available online.


Aquatic living resources

ISSN: 0990-7440 Online ISSN: 1765-2952
Publisher: EDP Sciences in Partnership with Cambridge University Press
    • Full text is available for articles published from 1988 until 2 years before today's date

  • This journal has an agreement with the database vendor EBSCO to embargo full text for 2 years

  • The publisher can sell more print copies and make a higher profit for those years


You can always get the full text FREE

  • check the library catalog to see if the Library has the print edition or
  • order using Interlibrary Loan!

Source definitions

Want to know if the journal in which you published was peer-reviewed for promotion and tenure committee?

Your NSU Identity

Nova logo image

New Faculty identification:

1. NSU ID and PIN

2. NSU ID Card (used for checking out Library materials).

3. NSU email address and email password

Retrieve your NSU ID:

Obtain an NSU ID Card at the Don Taft University Center Card Services Office


Your NSU Email Name & Password is used for:

  • Your SharkLink Login
  • Your WebCT Login
  • Your NSU WebMail Account
  • Security access to various NSU Web Applications


Setup Vacation Message for Email through Sharklink email options.

Contact Office of Technology Help Desk for assistance at

    Wireless Access

To setup your NSU wireless access:



You will need your MAC address for your wireless device and a campus desktop


For Windows: 2 ways:

  • Start Menu > Control Panel > Network Connections
  • Wireless Network Connection > Support > Details
  • Physical Address = MAC address      


  • Start Menu > Run
  • Type CMD, Enter
  • In black window type: IPCONFIG /ALL
  • Look for the 16 digit physical address = MAC address

For Apple Computer:

  • Apple icon
  • About this Mac
  • More Info
  • Network, MAC address will display = 12 or 16 digit number

Note: If you have an iPod Touch, you can locate your MAC address by selecting:

  • Apple icon
  • Settings
  • General
  • About, scroll down
  • WiFi address=MAC address OR look for information about AirPort


Access Problems

Access Problems

If you're having trouble accessing any of the Library's online resources, please

First, ask yourself if you are behind a firewall at your location.  Manyinstitutions have firewalls that prevent access to our resources.  If you are behind a firewall you need to access our resources from another place, such as home or maybe Starbucks.

Second, your browser needs to enable cookies in order to access our databases.

To enable cookies in Internet Explorer:

  • Go to Tools>Select Internet Options
  • Go to the Security tab and set your security on Medium or lower
  • High security will not accept cookies

To enable cookies in Mozilla Firefox:

  • Go to Tools>Select Options
  • Go to Privacy tab, set to Accept cookies from sites AND Accept third-party cookies