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Oceanographic Campus Library Faculty Resources: ResearcherID

What is ResearcherID?

ResearcherID is a global, multi-disciplinary scholarly research community.
With a unique identifier assigned to each author in ResearcherID, you can 
eliminate author misidentification and view an author’s citation metrics
instantly. Search the registry to find collaborators, review publication lists 
and explore how research is used around the world.

With the latest release of ResearcherID, members can now seamlessly exchange data between their ResearcherID and ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier) profiles.  

ResearcherID users can manage their profiles and select what information within their ResearcherID account should be sent to ORCID. 

•    Save time by updating your profile once from one site and cascading to the other.
•    Easily access and manage all of your research in one convenient place.

ResearcherID and ORCID are complementary attribution identifiers, and it is essential that scholarly authors and researchers have both.  ORCID is a platform-agnostic identifier, whereas the ResearcherID identifier is specific to Thomson Reuters. 

With ResearcherID, you can:
•    Manage your publication profile
•    Track your times cited counts and h-index
•    Identify potential collaborators from around the globe
•    Publicly showcase your published work
ount should be sent to ORCID. 

How to set up a ResearcherID

To register with, complete theRequired Fieldrequired fields at the link below. They will e-mail you a registration invitation link.

ResearcherID Self Registration

How to Import Articles to Your ResearcherID

Integration with Web of Science
Information in ResearcherID will can be shared with Web of Science to make papers by a specific researcher easier 
to find. Learn more:


ResearcherID Members


  1. Use the new direct export option available in Web of Science or Log in to ResearcherID
  2. Once logged in, click on the "Add Publications" button for your "My Publication list."
  3. Add publications that you have written by searching Web of Science, Distinct Author Sets, and other Web of Knowledge entitled collections or by using online search within EndNote Web.


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