Test Preparation: Find Books/e-Books

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Test Specific eBooks (Free download)

 Test Specific eBooks in Testing & Education Reference Center database-

   Step 1: Go to: http://public.library.nova.edu/
   Step 2: Select the Research button
   Step 3: Select the All Databases button
   Step 4: Choose (under material type) Test practice & Online Tutorials
   Step 5: Select Testing & Education Reference Center
   Step 6: Sign-in 
   Step 7: Scroll down and select Online Books
   You can download the test specific e-book!  After you have completed step 6, you will see the list of available eBooks.

Reader's Advisory

Need help selecting a good book to read?!?

Browse our "GoodReads" book lists to find new and pleasurable reading!

Additional Help

For additional help, please view our guide Locating Books & Other Items Owned by Libraries.