Test Preparation: MAT (Miller Analogies)

Miller Analogies (MAT) is a test to measure your ability to think logically and identify word relationships.
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MAT ( Miller Analogies)

  MAT (Miller Analogies Test) Practice test 
   Go to: Testing & Education Reference Center
   Step 1: Go to: http://www.nova.edu/library/main/databases.html
   Step 2: Select Patron Type:  Broward Patrons (for Broward County resident); NSU Patrons (for NSU Sharklink access)
   Step 3: Broward Patrons choose the topic Test Preparation 
                 NSU Patrons choose, by material type, Test practice & Online Tutorials
   Step 4: Select Testing & Education Reference Center
   Step 5: Mouse-over Grad School Tools and click MAT (Miller Analogies Test)