Women's History Month Resources: More Resources

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Tips for Searching

When deciding on a topic for any project, it can be helpful to do a search of your local library's catalog FIRST, to see what types of material you will have access to for your research.  This can help you to choose a person or a topic and know you will be able to find enough information it. 

NovaCat is this library's searchable catalog.  Here you can see what the library has and its availablility. It is important to know the best way to search the catalog so you don't wind up frustrated and confused.  Using the right search terms can make a big difference! Also, you can narrow your search results by using the drop-down menu under the space where you enter your search terms.  Instead of the searching the default ("View Entire Collection"), choose "Alvin Sherman Library" or "Children's Collection" from the drop down menu

To find books and other materials related to Women's History Month, search NovaCat  using any of the following keywords:

  • women history
  • women literature
  • women authors
  • women scientists
  • women education
  • women politics
  • women explorers
  • See a complete list of subjects in NovaCat

If you already have a topic or a person picked out for your research project, you can search using more exact search terms, depending on what your topic may be. For example: Maya Angelou, Emma Lazarus,  temperance movement, women's sufferage or equal rights amendment.

Local Women's History Resources

Internet Resources

Here are some additonal resources on the Internet related to Women's History Month.  Click any of the links below to view the website.

The Alvin Sherman Library is not responsible for the content, accuracy, or any other  aspect of external websites.


Broward County Library

Click here to visit the Broward County Library's website to search their catalog and databases.

Broward e-tutor

With a Broward County Library card, click here to enter Broward e-tutor for FREE online, interactive tutoring in math, science, social studies and English for students in Grades K-12, introductory college levels and Adult Learners; available every day from 2:00-10:00 pm.