High School Research Guide: Step 5: NovaCat Catalog

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Step 5: Search NovaCat Catalog

Books are ususally a great reference for research and papers.  Watch the video below on how to find a book using the library's Novacat catalog. 

  • After watching the video, open a new browser and navigate to NovaCat 
  • Run a keyword search on the topic of your choice.
  • What is the material type of the first result?  Is it a print book, e-book, or a web resource?  What is a quick way to tell?
  • Find the first print book in your results. 
    • Is it available?
    • If available, would you be able to check it out?  Why or why not?

Additional Help

For additional help, please view our guide "Locating Books & Other Items Owned by Libraries."