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Resources for publishing: CITI/IRB

NSU Policy on Survey Research


NSU's Provost, Ralph Rogers, Ph.D., has approved the NSU Policy on Survey Research, which can be accessed from the NSU Academic Affairs website at:

**Anyone (faculty, staff, students, or others) requesting access to NSU constituent groups should review the policy information and follow the protocol detailed.

Rogers has appointed NSU's Survey Research Committee (membership is listed below). The Committee will convene once monthly to review all requests for survey research that involve using NSU constituent groups, including students, alumni and/or employees.

If you have any questions please contact Dr. Nicole Cook.  She is the COM representative on the committee.

Nicole Cook, PhD, MPA

tel: 954-262-1505



CITI-All faculty/staff need to complete this when doing an IRB for a research study.  Certification is good for 3 yrs, then must be renewed. To create a NEW CITI account, follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Select "Register Here" next to "New Users"

Step 3: Select Your Institution

  • Select Nova Southeastern University

Step 4: Select Username and Password

  • Create your own username and password. (You create your own).

Step 5: Enter Your Name

  • Provide First and Last Name

Step 6: Enter Your Email Address

  • The system allows for a preferred and a secondary. Please make your NSU email the preferred and your personal one the secondary email.

Hit [Submit]

Step 7: Fill in demographic information. Following information required:

  • Language preference
  • Institutional email address
  • Gender
  • Highest degree
  • Department
  • What is your role in research (DOES NOT AFFECT MODULES)
  • Office phone
  • What is your area of research (DOES NOT AFFECT MODULES)
  • May we re-contact you to complete a course survey

Hit [Submit]

Step 8: Answer whether this is your first time doing the CITI program as a member of the NSU community. You should answer "Yes" if it is the first time, or if you are switching learner groups.

Hit [Next Question]

Step 9: Pick area of research. Select HUMAN RESEARCH

Hit [Next Question]

Step 10: Select your learner group. Please review the choices carefully. If you are not sure which group to pick, you should contact your center/college representative ( or the IRB/CITI administrator for NSU Ms. Inga Hess (

Hit [Next Question]

Step 11: The system will then ask you if you want to affiliate with another institution. Select "No" if you do not. This will then take you to the "Main Menu."

Step 12: You may now start your CITI Learner Group by clicking on the RED text that states "Not Started – Enter" right under the large blue "Nova Southeastern University".