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PIVOT: Funding and researcher expertise

Use Pivot to locate grant opportunities, create funding alerts, as well as, claim and update your scholar profile.

How do I set up Funding Alerts?

  • How do I set up alerts for Saved Searches?

    When you elect to save a search, the option to receive weekly updates on new and updated funding opportunities is selected by default. You can change your selection for each saved search from your Pivot home page in the Searches area. If the alert email option is ‘on’ you will see an envelope icon under the Email Alerts column and you can change your selection under the options list by selecting either ‘Alert email on’ or ‘Alert email off’.
  • How do I set up alerts for opportunities on my Active or Tracked lists?

    When viewing your list of Active or Tracked opportunities, an envelope icon will appear before the options link for each funding opp for which the email alert has been enabled. To change the alert status, click on the options link and from the list select either “Alert email on” or “Alert email off”. When the alert email is enabled, you will receive an email whenever there is an update to the funding opportunity.


Sharing Funding Opportunities


  • How do I share a funding opportunity with a colleague?

    You can share funding opportunities from many points within Pivot. You must be logged in before you can share a funding opportunity. You can share funding opportunities from your Active or Tracked lists, from the search results page, from a funding opportunity, and from a profile. Look for links to share the opp which will open a share box. You can start typing in the ‘To’ field to see a list of possible matching names, if the recipient’s name is not already populated in this field. You can type in the email of a recipient if it is not on the suggested list.
  • Can I share a funding opportunity with someone outside my institution?

    Yes. If you share a funding opportunity (or several) with someone outside your institution and they are also a Pivot subscriber, they will receive your email and will see the shared opp in their Received list on their homepage. If the recipient is not a Pivot subscriber, they will receive the email and the link to view the funding opp(s) will be active for them for 2 weeks.