EDUC 3350 Survey of Exceptional Student Education: Evaluate Sources

This page includes information about how to evaluate sources.
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Choosing the Right Source

Start by thinking about what type of sources you will need.


Great place to start your research, especially when the topic is new to you

Offer a broad overview of a subject

Can help you brainstorm ideas if you need to narrow down your topic

Check with your professor to see if you are allowed to cite encyclopedia articles in your paper



Often contain a comprehensive overview of a subject

Are good for background information on a topic


Scholarly Journal Articles

Usually more specialized and specific than books

Often focus on a research study measuring a particular aspect of your topic


Web sites

It's your responsibility to evaluate the reliability of a Web site (remember that anyone can publish on the Internet)

Check with your professor to see if you are allowed to cite Web sites

Watch the Evaluating Web Resources Video to learn more about evaluating the reliability of a source

Evaluating Web Resources Video