Alvin Sherman Library Mobile: Presentation Apps

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Make Presentations:

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Simplified version of Keynote for Mac. Make slides and display them with a VGA adaptor from your iPad to projector. Includes several themes, ability to view your presenter notes on the iPad, and swiping to advance slides. iPad only.

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Keynote Remote
Control your Keynote slide presentation on your Mac from your iPod touch or iPhone. Swipe to advance or return to the previous slide. In portrait mode, see your presenter notes on your iPod touch or iPhone. In landscape mode, preview your next slide. Works with your Wi-Fi network, so you can control slide playback from anywhere in the room.

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Tap into WebEx meetings when you're away from your computer with this app on your iPhone or iPad. View shared content, participate in chat, works on 3G or WiFi. Works on iPod Touch for video only, use a phone to access the audio in that case. Free. Android version.

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Adobe Connect
Watch and listen to live presentations including real-time presenter webcam video and screen sharing demonstrations. You can see who is in the meeting at any given time, and collaborate with others using live text chat. Free. Android version.

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SyncPad (remote whiteboard) and SyncPad Reader
Create a shared whiteboard on your iPad with anyone in real time. Easy to set up, easy to use. Create a room with your SyncPad and share the name of the room with another person. They can enter using SyncPad on an iPad or via a web browser on any computer or mobile device, by visiting Includes multiple colors, eraser, multi-user rooms, and sharing saved output via email. With multiple iPads, one can be the presenter ($10 app), and others can be the viewers (free SyncPad Reader). Works on both wifi and 3G. Android users, try SyncSpace.


Connecting an iPad to a Projector