American Heritage School Library Orientation: Library Catalog

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On this page, you will learn how to:

  • Use the library catalog to search for books, ebooks, audio-books, DVDs, Blu-ray, video games, and more


Our library's catalog is called Catalog.  Search for materials by keyword, author, or title. Click on an entry to view an item's availability, location, and call number.

Catalog Search Tips:

The catalog can be used to search for books and other materials that are available at the NSU libraries. 

  • If you do not find any results, then check your spelling or the fields you searched in.  Selecting different fields will produce different results.
  • If you find too many results, go back and limit your search. Sometimes a search needs to be modified with additional search words, searching only a specific field, adding date limitations, or type of materials.  You can search by keyword, author, title, etc.
  • If you find too few results, go back and expand your search. Consider using synonyms for your search words or try to use professional language or terminology.

Call Number Locations:

Books are shelved by call number. The table below provides a quick guide where each call number is located within the Alvin Sherman Library:


Library of Congress
Call Number
A - HD69.3T46 3 (East)
HD69.T46 - PQ 3 (West)
PR - Z 4 (West)
Dewey Decimal
Call Number
000-999 1 (East)