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Tampa Bay Book Display: Welcome

Each month, the Tampa Bay Regional Campus Library will showcase books in two specific categories: Take a Second and Topics in Healthcare.


Are you getting the most from your library experience?

At the Tampa Bay Regional Campus, most people know that the library offers reserve textbooks and study rooms.  They don't know that we offer programming like curated book displays and drop-in study breaks with snacks.  This library guide will feature two monthly book displays: Take a Second and Topics in Healthcare.  Books on the display pages will be divided by format (i.e. e-book, e-audiobook, or print book).  

  • Click the Current Display tab or the gallery below for this month's featured content. 
  • Click the Past Displays tab to find curated content from earlier this year.

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This Month's Picks June

“And even if she did turn out to be fae, it would mean more secrets in her life and less contact with a world she didn’t want to lose entirely, but she would be accepted. She would no longer be a disappointment to the majority of the people she loved.”

“Though so much has changed, so much is still the same. Around the globe two million people still die from AIDS every year because the cost of the effective medicines – under a dollar a day – is prohibitive.” 

“Lily turned to the mirror. She saw a Chinese girl in a characterless gray suite – blank faced, nothing special, even a little boring. Respectable. The word felt square, immovable, like a sturdy box with all four corners equally weighted.”

“Katrina had made an escape bag the first time her father threatened to kill her. At first, the bag seemed an “in case of emergency,” a glass that no one would ever break. But after tonight…”

“To me, language is a map to help you figure out where you are. If you can’t read the map, you’re lost.”

“The only path to full participation for gay people in society, the only path out of the shame and secrecy of my own adolescence, was being visible, so that others – our colleagues and classmates, our children and neighbors, our parents and priests – would know we were there.”

“Alzheimer’s is a thief that robs you of your memories, your personality, ultimately of your self. It pulls apart the tapestry of who you are thread by thread, until the tapestry disappears.”

“This was a disease that fractured life, that erased the past, that scoured the body of its remembered self. The portrait of Alzheimer’s I had in my head was unremittingly bleak.”

“These diagnostic criteria – probably in life, definite in death – reinforce lurid metaphors of the disease as a mysterious, gothic horror story.”

"...Close friends and coworkers abandoned us long ago. It was too disconcerting to walk through our door and see someone who was once just like them being destroyed in slow motion by an insidious disease for which there is no cure.”

Featured Video

Here's where we'll feature videos that will help you get the most out this month's display!

Featured Video for June:

How to Order Print Books as a Distance User

Since this month's selections feature books that the library only possesses in physical copies on the Davie Campus, here's a quick how-to video on how to order print books as a distance user.  If you're here in Tampa Bay or at another regional campus, this means you!  Take a look.