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Tampa Bay Book Display: Current Display

Each month, the Tampa Bay Regional Campus Library will showcase books in two specific categories: Take a Second and Topics in Healthcare.

Each month, our book displays will fall into one of two series: Take a Second or Topics in Healthcare.   

 June's Two Featured Topics are Identities, Communities, Sexualities, Oh My! and More than Memories Month

  • In the Take a Second series: Identities, Communities, Sexualities, Oh My! discovering a sense of community and belonging are vital to living a balanced life – so what happens when these basic needs are denied?  For those who have been denied historically, creating a chosen family that makes you feel safe to be your full self and takes pride in your membership becomes all the more important.  Since its earliest days in Greenwich Village, Pride has been about getting those needs met in loving, inclusive families, both chosen and biological. As Pride celebrations are occurring all over the world, this month’s Take a Second collection showcases both the individual’s journey to acceptance as well as the cultural journey Pride has taken in communities worldwide. 

  • In the Topics in Healthcare series: More than Memories, medical textbooks and mainstream media present a top-down view of Alzheimer’s, but what do we know of the personal experience of the disease? This month’s Topics in Healthcare collection is dedicated to spreading awareness of what an Alzheimer’s diagnosis means to the individual and to their loved ones. Each of our entries re-introduces Alzheimer’s to readers through personalized experiences, providing firsthand insight into what it’s like living with a disease that steals your independence, your sense of self and your connections to loved ones, not just your memory. 

As always, the featured literature touch on numerous diverse topics with varying levels of intensity and levity.  We encourage you to hover over any selection or click on it to read the synopsis, so you know what to expect once you dive in.  Enjoy!

Our Take a Second series focuses on using book recommendations to encourage patrons to establish a healthy work life balance.  As a library, it's no surprise that our approach focuses on taking breaks and engaging in reading as a balance to the general stresses and demands of life.  Our recommendations feature everything from hard hitting documentaries to light hearted novels.  We try to include a little something for everyone, from thrillers to dramas to graphic novels.  The hope is that you will take a second look, take a second to breathe, perhaps even take a second book for your study break later.  We want you to be success here as well as when you graduate and that means being able to establish a work-life balance.  So we encourage you to take a second.

June - Identities, Communities, Sexualities, Oh My!

Our Topics in Healthcare series focuses on asking our community to take a step back and look at how healthcare treats and interacts with any number of topics from minority groups to women to the arts.  Healthcare is an integral part of our campus culture and literature is a great way to assess how it interacts with other aspects of our world.  Our month selections are a snapshot of what this interaction looks like.

June - More than Memories