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AMBOSS Trial Instructions: Home





1. Make sure that you are logged in through NSU’s network by selecting the link below and entering your login info.


2. You should now be directed to the AMBOSS website. You should now select the "Login" option on the top right of the screen. Now you may login into your AMBOSS account if you have one, if not create a new account by selecting the "Create a new account."

Make sure to use your complete NSU email ( or ) since you will be using it to create this account. Complete the progress by clicking "Register."



3. Go to your NSU email and check that you received the automated message asking you to confirm your email. It may take a few moments for the email to arrive in your inbox. Remember to finalize your account you must click on the confirmation.


4. Once you click on the email confirmation it should take you to the AMBOSS login page. Enter your information and click log in. 


5. Now you may be prompted to answer a few questions to set up your account. If you don't receive these questions you may be asked to fill them out later.


6. Congratulations. You should now have access to the AMBOSS PLUS platform. Next time you want to login in you can just go to the homepage ( click "Login" and enter your credentials. You may also download the AMBOSS app for (Android and IOSto be able to use the program offline if you desire to do so.