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Adolfo and Marisela Cotilla Gallery: Exhibits and Events


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 All events are free and open to the public. View past recordings.

General Gallery Exhibit Hours


10:00am - 7:00pm


10:00am - 7:00pm


10:00am - 7:00pm


10:00am - 7:00pm


10:00am - 6:00pm


10:00am - 6:00pm


10:00am - 6:00pm

For more information about special hours, please visit the Alvin Sherman Library hours page.


Located on the second floor of the Sherman Library, the Cotilla Gallery showcases a revolving display of exhibitions with a broad range of appeal and subject matter that promote Nova Southeastern University or the Alvin Sherman Library’s materials to all audiences. The Gallery is intended for artwork display, music recital performance space, poetry readings, and other arts and cultural events. Priority is given to displays that support the mission and curriculum of NSU.

Exhibition and Booking Information

To discuss a possible exhibit, please contact Gena Meroth, University Archivist:
Phone: (954) 262-4641 | Email:

Wild Miami: April 16-June 11, 2023

Based on the book Wild Miami, take a walk through the various ecosystems of south Florida to explore this nature guide to the 305. Learn about the history of South Florida, plants and animals that call this region home, and ways to assist in the ongoing conservation of these ecosystems. Included in the exhibition are the garments created for Young At Art Museum's 16th Annual Recycled Fashion Show: Everglades Recycled. Talented teen designers debuted their original couture looks made from recycled materials representing the diverse ecosystem of the Everglades, unique to South Florida and the environmental threats impacting it. Learn more about their exhibits and programs here.

Beaches, Creatures, and Cowboys: June 18-August 20, 2023

Movie producers have been making films in Florida almost since the dawn of the industry. For a short time in the early twentieth century, Florida even rivaled California as a place for movie making. 

Hispanic Heritage: August 27-October 22, 2023

Spain-Latin American History, Culture, Language, Unity and Diversity

Delve into the intricate connections between history, culture, and language as six remarkable artists come together to showcase their distinctive visions and perspectives. This exhibition features talented artists including: Sergio Payares, Sonia Sanchez-Nieto, Daniel Bottero, Adriana Torres, Santiago Medina, and Emilio Martinez. Each artist brings their unique flair, employing diverse mediums and techniques to explore the theme of interconnectedness in their works. From vivid paintings to thought-provoking sculptures that embody cultural heritage, the exhibit encompasses a wide range of artistic expressions. 

Athletic Legacy: 40 Years of NSU Sports Achievements

This exhibition celebrates four decades of remarkable athletic prowess and the indomitable spirit of university sports by paying tribute to the exceptional achievements, dedication and passion of athletes who have left an indelible mark on the athletic history of Nova Southeastern University.

Historic photographs, trophies, sports ephemera and memorabilia tell a story of dedication, teamwork, and the pursuit of personal and collective greatness. Through the exhibit narratives and images we will celebrate the unwavering dedication and perseverance of the athletes, coaches, and supportive community from the first intramural sport at NSU to the success of the four national championships won this year.


Open Classroom

The Open Classroom is a collaboration between NSU's Farquhar Honors College and the Alvin Sherman Library. This moderated series features an open conversation with scholars from various disciplines who will share their expertise on important issues related to current topics in the news and provide insightful perspectives rarely seen in the media.

Pen to Purpose: Cultivating Writing as a Brand of Professionalism

Self-expression and communication through writing is an invaluable skill in today’s fast-paced, digitally interconnected world. This guest author series is comprised of visits from a wide range of published professionals. The forum will be a moderated, interview-style discussion of the authors’ publications, focusing on how writing was instrumental to advancing within their respective fields. These discussions will be followed by a Q&A with the student body and community. Ultimately, this author-hosting series is designed to illuminate how the Humanities, specifically writing, has practical application in the modern world and to demonstrate how creative, insightful writing, and the ability to effectively communicate is a necessary tool in every professional field.