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Martin and Gail Press Health Professions Division Library Video Sources: Martin and Gail Press HPD Library Multimedia

Martin and Gail Press HPD Library Video Collections



The HPD Library subscribes to a number of databases which contain collections of audios & videos.  Videos may be incorporated into a Blackboard course with a hyperlink which prompts users to authenticate.  This authentication prevents unauthorized users from accessing the content.   

Due to the complexity of creating these hyperlinks (aka permalinks) you are highly encouraged to contact your Liaison Librarians for assistance creating the links.  




Disclaimer: These links have been chosen for educational and professional purposes. NSU does not endorse or guarantee any information contained in these sites but provides them as a service for NSU faculty, staff and students.

SPECIAL THANKS to William Coombs from A.T. Still University who created the original guide that this guide was modeled from and who gave permission for its duplication.