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NSU Libraries' Student Survey 2016: HPD

Martin and Gail Press HPD Library 2016 Survey Response

Response to 2016 Student Survey Comments

June 1, 2016

While there were few comments directly aimed at the Health Professions Division Library, the majority of them involved seating/space in the Library itself and hours of operation.

Response:  The library has increased the seating capacity in the main reading room over the years until we are at maximum capacity until construction is completed to allow more floor space for tables, carrels, and chairs.

  • Several ranks of bookshelves have been removed as the print collection has been replaced by digital editions of required and recommended books for the seven HPD colleges.
  • Furniture has been added to accommodate various study/learning styles, including individual carrels, large group seating, stand-up study tables, comfortable lounge-type seating, and small and large tables and chairs.
  • The commons area was created to provide a space for low-volume discussion and collaboration.
  • A collaborative Media:Scape table with two monitors and capacity to toggle between four student laptop computers is available and may be reserved for specific times.
  • A MacBar has been installed by OIIT with 4 iMACs for student use.
  • Architectural plans have been drawn which expand the floor space of the Library as part of the hospital/medical clinics building project.
  • The HPD Library Teaching Lab (room 3142) is open to students for group study at all times except when a meeting is scheduled in the room.
  • HPD Library Studio is available to all students, faculty and staff with valid NSU ID and provides recording and, editing equipment and programs. Additional recording equipment, iPads and iPad apps are available for checkout at the Circulation Desk.

HPD Library has experimented with expanded hours over the last three years to determine the optimum operating hours to accommodate student needs. During the fall 2015 exam period, HPD Library was open 24 hours/day. Our examination of the usage during that period of time indicated that many students prefer to stay past the normal midnight closing time until around 2am, at which time they leave. Starting around 5am, students return to the library to study before class time. Between the hours of 2 and 5 am, there was either no one in the library or at best, two or three students. As a result of this study, during the Spring 2016 exam period, the library stayed open until 2am and reopened at 5am for a three-week period. This proved to be an effective solution for those taking exams and will become the norm for future exam periods.

In addition, the HPD Library hosts a NightOwl program in the 24 study rooms, seminar rooms and computer lab located in the Assembly II Building adjacent to the HPD parking garage. Any student with a value NSU ID may take advantage of this 24/7 service during the months of September through May. Because of the smaller number of courses offered during the months of June, July and August, the service is not available during that time.

Noise in the library was also mentioned as a problem. The library addresses this problem on a regular basis:

  • Requests to Facilities management to close in open panels in glass wall closing off Quiet Zone so that less noise travels from the commons area.
  • Reminders by staff to specific students/groups to be more quiet and respectful of others in the Quiet Zone and Study Rooms, especially at the requests of students who are being disturbed.
  • More signage through the library and study room areas for students to be quieter and more respectful of the study areas.
  • Requests to Facilities for more sound abatement throughout the library.

All print and digital materials purchased and leased by the HPD Library are in response to specific curricular needs and faculty requests. Students may also request purchase of specific resources via a link on the Library home page.  Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery services are available free of charge to all students and faculty to provide books, journal articles and dissertations not available from NSU Libraries.