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SEFLIN Virtual Conference 2016: Speakers

Embracing Innovation: Creative Disruptions in Libraries

Jason Griffey


Innovation & Disruption: Past, Present, Future

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Speaker: Jason Griffey

TIME:  10 am

Libraries are places that are often resistant to change, and yet information organization, storage, and sharing is becoming more and more complicated over time. The services we offer to our patrons often aren’t backed up by structures that allow for flexibility and innovation. This talk will be an examination of those structures, a look at some of the sorts of current projects that are helping to move the library world forward, and a look at the near-future changes that we need to prepare for.

Chad Mairn


Technologies and Innovation Worth Watching in 2016

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Speaker: Chad Mairn

TIME:  1 pm

This presentation will give participants the opportunity to think about and get a heads up on technology trends that may have an impact on libraries and how we serve our communities. These trends include block chain technology, deep learning, personal assistants and the Internet of Things. 

Jill Hurst-Wahl

Jill Hurst-Wahl

Storming Towards Innovation

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Speaker: Jill Hurst-Wahl

TIME:  11 am

Many staff meetings become informal periods for quickly generating ideas which can be acted upon. This session will provide tips, techniques and tools for creating an atmosphere where everyone can contribute effectively to spawn concepts, plans and solutions.  Creating that atmosphere means building practices which become part of the workplace.  It also means understanding the role that each person can play in ensuring that the best ideas emerge. 

Slide Download: Available after the conference

Madalyn Sklar

11 Tactics, Tips & Tools to Leverage a Powerful Social Media Strategy

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Speaker:  Madalyn Sklar

TIME:  2 pm

In the ever-changing world of social media it can be a challenge to keep up with the trends and have a strong strategy. In this session we break it down into 11 effective ways to elevate your presence on social media using a variety of tactics, tips and tools. We’ll cover branding, content curation, hashtags, live video and more.

Panel Discussion

Maker Spaces: Panel Discussion
Lunch and Learn

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Available after the conference

Tom Cipullo,  
Serials Manager for Main Library, Palm Beach County Library System
Bob Anstett,   Coordinator for Digital Initiatives, Broward County Library
Narrator:  Jennifer Pratt, SEFLIN Director 

TIME:   12 pm (Noon)

Maker Spaces may be known by many different names, including fab labs, hack labs, innovation labs, and creation stations. And, they have been popping up in both academic and public libraries around the globe. They come in all sizes and shapes to accommodate a wide range of ages and activities. Woodworking, textiles and sewing, robotics, digital fabrication, and 3-D printing are among the wide variety of things being offered in library maker spaces.


Peter Murray

Speaker photo

Rethinking What We Collect

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Speaker: Peter Murray

TIME:  3 pm

"library" - noun - a public institution or establishment, charged with the care of a collection of books, and the duty of rendering the books accessible to those who require to use them. (Oxford English Dictionary)  Our institutions are entrusted with the care of resources and the duty to make them available.  How does that mission change when the things we historically collect can now be just as easily obtained from Hathi Trust, Google Book Search, Amazon, eBay, and our local bookstore?  Is there a new responsibility we have to our patrons?  Let's trace the path of how libraries got here and see if that leads us to new areas of service.

Peter Murray Slide Show (link)