Career Pathways: Law Curriculum Sorting Guide

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Curriculum Planning Considerations

During their first year, students are not permitted to choose their courses or alter/deviate from their assigned courses/year, because the first-year curriculum is fixed and mandatory, and also designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the legal process and the most exposure to foundational areas of legal practice.

After the first year, students have more choices to make in their schedules based upon specific interests and circumstances. Those choices are also impacted by various factors, including further requirements, the timing of when certain courses – such as necessary prerequisites for other courses – are offered, preferences given to 2L or 3L students, the bar exam, potential work or internship schedules, and personal interest.

The following information is designed to provide students with an overview of the College of Law’s curriculum in order to help them make strategic decisions about the types of courses that might be beneficial to take depending upon their interests and circumstances and when to take certain courses. Among other things, it:

  • identifies required and elective courses;
  • sorts courses by general subject matter area and, for each, identifies:
    • Core Courses; Advanced and Related Courses;
    • Courses tested on the Multistate Bar Examination and the Florida Bar Examination;
    • Courses available in online formats;
  • identifies full-time faculty members who teach various subjects.

**Because course selection and sequencing can involve many variables unique to each student and situation, these suggestions should be considered in that context, and students are encouraged to discuss their choices with individual faculty members, whose perspectives on these choices could potentially vary, as well as to keep in mind graduation requirements and

**The Code of Academic Regulations**

For all courses identified below, only the course name and number are identified. Consult the Course Description information on the College of Law’s website for the individual in-depth course description, prerequisites, and the individual semester schedule for availability.

**Please note that just because a course is listed as approved in our curriculum does not mean it will be offered any particular semester**



Mandatory Curriculum and Graduation Requirements Curriculum Mapping by Subject (intro)

First Year

Second Year

Business of Lawyering

Civil Litigation/Appellate Practice

Third Year

Fourth Year

Commercial/Business Law

Constitutional Law and Civil Rights

Additional Graduation Requirements

Criminal Law and Procedure

Employment Law

Estates and Trusts

Family Law
Additional Opportunities

Health Law

Intellectual Property

Student Competition Teams

Career Pathways

International and Comparative Law

Legislative Advocacy

Real Property, Environmental, and Land Use

Tax Law

Torts Law