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I.D.E.A. Labs: FAQs


Who can use the 3D printer?

The HPD Library's 3D printer is available to students, faculty, and staff to print 3D objects for educational, research, and patient care projects.


How much does it cost?

3D printing is free.


Where do I locate an object to print?

Take a look at our Resources section on this guide or speak to one of the librarians for assistance.


Can you design an object for me?

No, we do not provide a 3D design service, but we can offer some guidance on the open source software available to design a model or to modify a model that you find online.


How long does it take to print an object?

This depends on the size, shape, density, etc. of your model. After we take a look at your design, we can give you an estimate.


What color can I print my object? 

Material stock changes over time. We usually have several colors available in a variety of materials.  Check with us for current availablity.


How large an object can I print?

The print platform is 9.9 x 7.8 x 5.9. inches on the MakerBot, and 11.4 x 10.8 x 9.8 inches on the TAZ 5.  If your object is larger, we would need to either reduce the size or print the object in pieces. 


What type of file does the printer accept?

.stl files are the most common files used by 3D printers.  We can also convert most .obj files.