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EndNote X9

Step 2: Downloading EndNote:Mac

Mac Installation:

  1. Close all Microsoft applications on your computer
  2. Always use Firefox or Chrome with EndNote NOT Safari!
  3. Click here to download EndNote (if using a NSU computer you can also download from the NSU App Store)
  4. Click on EndNote Version 19 (X9) for the Mac.
  5. Login with your NSU user name and password
  6. Click on Save to download EndNote to your computer
  7. Double-click on the Endnote.dmg file to mount it
  8. In the mounted disk image, drag the EndNote folder to your Applications folder
  9. Open your Applications folder and double-click on the EndNote icon
  10. Follow the instructions to complete the installation
  11. Select Installation Type: CUSTOM and follow the directions. In the menu where all the features are listed choose to install the entire features on your computer next to any items that have a red X next to them. this will install necessary files to your computer. 
  12. Update the software to the most current version.