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EndNote X9

Step 3: Creating a New Library

What is an EndNote Library?

  • The “Library” is a folder on your computer where EndNote stores information and files:
    • The groups feature allows you to create folders for courses, topics, projects, etc. within 1 library folder
    • EndNote Web will only sync with 1 library

Creating an EndNote library

If you did not create a new library at the end of the installation process, follow these steps. Only create one library in EndNote!

  1. Open EndNote

  2. From the File Menu, click on New

  3. Create a Name for your library

  4. Select the location to save the file

  5. Click Save 



Only One Library!

Endnote allows you to create many separate libraries, but we strongly recommend that you work with only one library and create groups to organize your references

  • Number of references allowed in one library: Unlimited
  • Number of groups allowed within one library: 5,000

Working With Others 

Are you on a project with others? Or maybe working collaboratively with a faculty member? This might be one reason for keeping two libraries -- one for your own work and one for the project. Remember you cannot search across the libraries and you will have to be organized in maintaining them both as separate entities.

Back Up, Back Up, Back Up!

It is very important to periodically back up your EndNote library. There are several ways of doing this - one option is:

  • Click on File menu
  • Select Compressed Library and follow the prompts