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LibraryLearn: Instructional Videos about Library Resources

Library Learn: Learn to use the library like a pro! View short videos by NSU Librarians.

Getting Started

Alvin Sherman Library:

Learn how to access library databases from the Alvin Sherman Library website.

Learn how to make an appointment with a reference librarian through the Sherman Library website.

Learn the most important features of the Sherman Library's homepage to help you with your research.

Watch a quick overview of the process for reserving a study room at the Alvin Sherman Library. 

Learn about the resources and services provided by this joint-use facility.


Martin and Gail Press Health Professions Division Library

Library Tools and Research Tips

Learn how to use the Ulrichsweb database to determine if an article is considered peer-reviewed.

Learn how to create and use database accounts.

Use the library’s DOI Finder to locate the full text of a document using its DOI number or to determine the DOI number of a document.

Learn how to plan an effective research strategy using a sample education topic. 

Learn how to search for books and much more including dvds, cds, and even video games.

Learn how to find a specific article that you are looking for using the library's full text finder tool.

Learn how to search Google Scholar through the library’s homepage with results that link to the library’s subscription databases. 

Need to renew a NSU library item online? This video will show you how!

This video discusses evaluation criteria to help identify reliable sources of information.

Databases by Material Type


Learn how to do a basic search in a library database and narrow down the results using specific database features.


Learn how to search this database for dissertations.

This database contains methods concepts to help researchers design research projects, understand particular methods, conduct their research, and write their findings.

Grants and Scholarships:

Learn how to navigate and search this database to find grants in your area of interest.

Learn how to navigate and search this database to find scholarships and grants.

Tests and Measurements:

Learn how to find tests, instruments, and measurements using this database.

More Research Tips

Learn how to take a broad research topic and transform it into a focused research question to help set the scope of your paper.

This video is a short overview of how to use the NSU Libraries catalog.

Citation Management

Avoiding Plagiarism:

This video discusses why it is important to cite information and how to avoid plagiarism.

Databases by Subject


Learn how to search this database for information security.


Learn how to find education articles in this database.

Learn how to search in this database for education research.


en Español:

Este video en español describe como acceder a las principales opciones de búsqueda en la casilla principal: Novacat, Full-Text Finder y APA citation app. 

Bienvenido a este video donde aprenderás cómo navegar hasta los recursos en español y disertaciones que posee la biblioteca Alvin Sherman y cómo sacarles el mayor provecho.


Health and Medicine:

Learn how to use this database to find evidence-based articles, books, guidelines, and more.

Learn how to access this database, correctly enter search terms, and how to narrow the results by date, age range, or gender.

Learn how to search this comprehensive source of nursing & allied health journals.


  • Visual History Archive USC Shoah Foundation

  • Basic Search

Learn how to perform a basic search in the Visual History Archive USC Shoah Foundation's genocide survivor testimony database.

Learn how to use the advanced search tools within this database.


Science and Technology:

Learn how to find resources in the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Digital Library.

Learn how to find resources on electrical engineering, electronics, computer science, and more.

Learn about this database's unique features for multidisciplinary research.

Learn how to search for journal articles and e-books relating to technical and health fields.

Social Sciences:

Learn how to search for materials related to public affairs, including government documents, statistical directories, grey literature, books, articles and much more.