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Chemical Literature and Seminars: Getting Started

CHEM 3050, CHEM 4101

Chemical Literature and Seminars

Chemical Literature and Seminars
CHEM 3050, CHEM 4101
Winter 2019

The history, structures, and use of literature search tools will be covered. Through the use of chemical literature searches and the literature itself, scientific papers and oral presentations will be prepared and delivered. Students will also be acquainted with the availability and expectations of different chemistry professions, the basic nature of science and chemistry, ethical issues in chemistry, and chemical safety.
This senior seminar course is designed for chemistry major students in their senior year. It prepares students to give a seminar on their undergraduate research or a literature investigation of a related area.

Chemical Literature and Seminar - CHEM 3050

Senior Chemistry Seminar - CHEM 4101

No texts currently required for this course.

  1. Critically evaluate scientific literature and data and understand the difference between scientific research and unsubstantiated claims.
  2. Properly cite literature references.
  3. Integrate chemical knowledge and various electronic search methods and technologies into a written report and oral presentation.
  4. Understand safety and ethical issues in chemistry.
  1. Use library searching and retrieval methods to obtain information about chemistry research.
  2. Demonstrate critical thinking and reasoning ability.
  3. Analyze and interpret scientific facts and data.
  4. Communicate research results to appropriate audiences.